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Welcome to our oasis
where you can escape

the chaos of life.

Experience mindfulness through our many different wellness services.

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Training Options

1-on-1 Personal Training

Access To Shower

Flexible Hours


LMLA Wellness Services

LMLA Wellness Center offers an array of services ranging from body contouring, to spray tan, personal training, a Gym Facility and more. We provide top quality service in an intimate environment, where you feel comfortable and empowered!

Start With:

FREE Nutrition and Fitness consultation with our certified holistic nutritionist and personal trainer, Jill Cooney.

During your scheduled consultation you will answer basic questions about your health, lifestyle, and goals, along with any health concerns you want to address.

With the right customized program based on your individual goals, our certified personal trainer will help you reap all the benefits of exercising and eating right.

Ready to start your personal training journey?

What You'll Need:

Be Ready For:

Flexible Pricing Plans So That Everyone Can Find

The Perfect One That Best Fits Their Needs


Starter Membership

Strong Woman

Premium Membership

Kettlebell Workout

Pro Membership

Training with Fit Ball

Elite Membership

Where is our wellness center located?

Address: 2755 W Market Street
York, PA 17404 | Suite D


Phone: 717-792-1453


Pilates Practice

If you have any questions about our center or services, we'll be happy to hear from you.


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