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I have always struggled with my weight, and I tried a bunch of fad diets but always gained the weight back. My fitness journey began in 2009, and I began researching and reading the best ways to lose weight. The scale went up and down but I continued learning and experimenting with my meals and workouts.


From 2016 to 2019, I stumbled through the very worst years of my life. I began drinking regularly, and gained 40 pounds! I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror and finding something to wear was very difficult. I had enough of being overweight, depressed, lacking energy and motivation.


I have spent the last 4 years resetting and regenerating myself from the bottom up. I have lost weight, built muscle, lifted my depression, and I now feel better at 40 years old than I ever have in my life.


In 2021 I decided to become a personal trainer and a holistic nutritionist. I am a real woman that has suffered, struggled, and succeeded. I truly believe that I can help you reset and regenerate your health and body.

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Holistic nutritionist

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When you eat healthy, you look and feel great. Working with me will allow you to work and heal your body inside out. I will help you to burnt fat without killing yourself at the gym. 

Education and Experience

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I am a certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutritionist, experienced working with the most stubborn fat loss and food addiction, underlying health issues like autoimmune, and gastric problems that can stall weight loss.

I am a hard-worker and goal oriented with over 3 years experience in weight management, skilled in nutritional plan development.

flexible hours

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Understanding the importance of flexibility is one of the most important characteristics of a good personal trainer.

I am available early mornings till evenings at the gym as well as evening shop workouts and weekends.

Personalized Workouts

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I offer personalized Gym training sessions focusing on your goals in your weight loss journey and provide you with the right tools to help keep you on track when you’re not in the Gym. 

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make fitness your favorite habit

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