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This all-natural serum will help to reduce inflammation and puffiness, stimulate anti-aging enzymes and increase collagen & elasticity and help suppress potential breakouts. Although it is not a moisturizer, NuAura® retains moisture and promotes healthy and radiant skin.

NuAura Magic

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  • Apply small amount to face and eye area after washing and before bed. If your skin is extra dry, allow serum to fully soak in and then apply another application. For best results use with Tears of Hēbē® all-natural face cleanser.

    • Artesian mineral water (direct from the source)
    • butterfly pea flower
    • fruit pectin
    • vegetable glycerin
    • lemon juice
    • aloe
    • guarana (natural caffeine)
    • honey
    • brown sugar
    • chlorophyll
    • sea salt
    • red raspberry seed oil
    • rosehip oil
    • grape seed oil
    • avocado oil
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